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Daniel's Mixed Grill
Daniel's Mixed Grill - where anything can happen and probably will.

Daniel writes about himself:

I was born in 1974 in this area & have lived here all my life.

I started getting into audio & video in the early 90s (mainly self taught) doing videography for weddings, events. Film to video transfers, editing etc.  Due to my knowledge & experience even at that time I socialised with TV people instead of the usual peers.

By 2006 I had become a member of NBTVA UK & had built a mechanical scan 1924 working TV replica which attracted a news crew to spend an afternoon with me on the subject, as well as many print articles. I was also part of the 2006 ABC "50 Years of TV" celebratory documentary with Robin Williams & Sharon Carlton.

I first discovered radio in 1991 when I started work. What I loved was the fact that it is the only media one can enjoy while working; you can’t read or watch TV but you can listen to someone entertaining you. I particularly loved talkback & the more dynamic type of program that is about something, as opposed to just a music show, although I am often in the mood for just a music show.

I remember thinking, I could do that, but never thought for one moment I actually would.

The chance came in 2003 when my mum somehow found out 2NVR was having a presenter's course. She said I had the deepest clearest voice in the family & I might want to give it a go. I did & here I am.

My 1st broadcast was 2 DEC 2003 with the 2 hour Vortex show. I’ve done so many different shows over the years I would have to think carefully to make a list. I have & do try to make it as interesting  & dynamic as possible with all sorts of segments & info.

I believe radio is an extension of your personality. Regardless of what style of show you do or what type of music, it's your personality that comes through & is what the audience ultimately grows an attachment to — just naturally be yourself & the rest will follow.

I currently do Danos Mixed Grill which is a mixed grill of anything & everything, just whatever I feel like doing at the time, and I have my own studio at home that I can & do do production from.


Daniel Gosson presents a range of local content from the 2NVR archives covering the years 2006 till the present day.
Dano with a tasty mix of anything and everything to spice you up, including his featured Astronomy Cast.