Radio Nambucca 2NVR proudly presents: “Maidensong”.

Turn on your radio every Saturday morning at 10 for a musical journey through time with Dianna, our melodic sorceress, weaving tales of love, courage, and dreams.

From folk ballads to indie anthems, the Maidensong will serenade your soul with the powerful voices of women artists, spanning from the sweetly soft to the gloriously noisy.

Don’t forget, it’s “Maidensong”: where harmonies bloom, hearts find solace and  the music carries you away.

It’s Alive!

The Jollyfish, aka “Nuke” presents all-live recorded music from around the Nambucca Valley (and perhaps other locations on the mid north coast).

Usually featuring a different artist each week, with the occasional flashback into the past with recordings made at pubs, clubs, at the station or at our local Bowraville Theatre.

Tune in to hear it as it happend, and remember it’s alive!


Continental Drift

Presenter: Garry Havrillay

Music of the world, with new and forthcoming releases: cross-cultural, traditional, jazz, neo-classical, ambient, acoustic, trance, electronic, folk and singer-songwriters — distinctive global music outside the mainstream.