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Dyer’s Loop

Music to dye for.

A great mix of aussie alternative and featured artists, many from live music performances around Oz.

Paint Ya Wagons Red

Tune in to Sean and Tim to get all the beats — and the latest drum — and treat yourself to a retreat right here in the Nambucca Valley!

And while you're listening, why not paint that wagon red.

Or the town...

The Big Breakfast with Jackie

Get a kickstart to your weekend. Drop me your requests and I'll do my best to play them just email me at

Retro Birds

Robyn Wren and Sally Swan take you places you never expected to go.
Out-of-the-ordinary radio.

Music for a Monday Morning

The EmmaG Monday Morning Music Show

Tune in and wake up with EmmaG.

She will ease you into the week with a range of dulcet tunes in the first hour, will gently elevate you in the second; and in the third will ramp it right up.

You will hear the news on the hour; shortly followed by weather and traffic updates.

You can join her at 7:45 as she peers into the Politico Disco. It is a secret venue where all the politicians go to kick up their heels and show their latest moves.