Beat the RETREAT

Tune in to Sean and Pete, to get all the beats — and the latest drum — and treat yourself to a retreat right here in the Nambuca Valley!

Retro Birds

Robyn Wren and Sally Swan take you places you never expected to go.
Out-of-the-ordinary radio.

Music for a Monday Morning

The EmmaG Monday Morning Music Show

Tune in and wake up with EmmaG.

She will ease you into the week with a range of dulcet tunes in the first hour, will gently elevate you in the second; and in the third will ramp it right up.

You will hear the news on the hour; shortly followed by weather and traffic updates.

You can join her at 7:45 as she peers into the Politico Disco. It is a secret venue where all the politicians go to kick up their heels and show their latest moves.