Radio Nambucca 2NVR proudly presents: “Maidensong”.

Turn on your radio every Saturday morning at 10 for a musical journey through time with Dianna, our melodic sorceress, weaving tales of love, courage, and dreams.

From folk ballads to indie anthems, the Maidensong will serenade your soul with the powerful voices of women artists, spanning from the sweetly soft to the gloriously noisy.

Don’t forget, it’s “Maidensong”: where harmonies bloom, hearts find solace and  the music carries you away.

DJ Casey & Irish Bee

Listen in on Wednesday afternoons at 3 for a musical lift with ‘DJ Casey and Irish Bee’ right here on 2NVR!

It’s the show that brings you vibrant and heartening melodies to set the tone for an amazing day.

With their chosen mix of pop hits through indie favourites, ‘DJ Casey and Irish Bee’ will turn up the joy and energise your feet.

They’ll have the perfect playlist to keep your spirits high and be the soundtrack to your best moments. 

The Sixties in Australia

Rob Davidson presents:

All Australian music with info about notable events that took place in the ’60s, covering, music, politics, sports, and more!

Weekend Surge

Sublime music, surf and footy reports, gig guide and more — pumping you up for the weekend.

With Chrisso