Soul Quench

With Lizzie —

Soul music is traditionally a secular form of gospel, a major Black musical genre in the 1960’s and 70’s that became politically significant during the Civil Rights Movement.

Soul Quench plays anything from: Old School Soul; R&B; Funk; Chicano Soul; Gospel; Acid Jazz …to anything that fits the brief of: soulful vocals; soulful lyrics, soulful beat … anything that makes you want to dance, cry or fall in love again.

I keep mind the word sonder — the profound feeling of realizing that everyone, strangers passing the street, have a life as complex as one’s own, despite our lack of awareness of it. Everyone’s going through his or her own stuff!

Anyhow one man’s soul is another man’s schmaltz. Over the two-hour show I hope you hear something that hits the sweet spot!

DJ Casey & Irish Bee

Listen in on Wednesday afternoons at 3 for a musical lift with ‘DJ Casey and Irish Bee’ right here on 2NVR!

It’s the show that brings you vibrant and heartening melodies to set the tone for an amazing day.

With their chosen mix of pop hits through indie favourites, ‘DJ Casey and Irish Bee’ will turn up the joy and energise your feet.

They’ll have the perfect playlist to keep your spirits high and be the soundtrack to your best moments. 

NIMA Chart Show

Join Matty J as he counts down the top 10 most played songs by first nations artists on Aussie radio each week.

Thanks to the National Indigenous Music Awards for providing the chart each week.

The National Indigenous Music Awards (NIMAs) are recognised as one of Australia’s most prominent Indigenous music awards and have been celebrating Australian music for 16 years.

The NIMAs showcase the rich musical landscape of Australia and highlight the music coming from all corners of the country. The Awards bring together acts who are yet to make their mark on the world alongside those who have achieved international acclaim, such as Gurrumul & Jessica Mauboy.

From Radio Goolari

Blues Soul Funk

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