Dayna Gold

Dayna GoldWhy is the show called ‘Gold at Breakfast’? Well my surname is Goldbert, and I do the breakfast show on Wednesday mornings. Which is ironic as I much prefer silver as a precious metal.

I was brought up in Sydney. I have been a herbalist, consultant, health food shop owner and stained glass restorer. I’ve lived on the mid north coast for 20 years. Broadcasting with 2NVR has been a privilege and a highlight of my life. My love of show business comes through my cousin, Peter Wyngard, who starred in the UK thriller TV series Department S. You might know him as the 70s fashion icon Jason King.

Whilst not being able to match his sartorial elegance, I always dress for the show. Whatever you’re wearing at 7am on Wednesdays, you’re welcome to join me for two hours of music and chat. It’s pure Gold