Zed Games

Reviews, news, discussion and commentary on issues and events concerning gamers, interviews with developers and people in the industry as well as various game-related music that you won’t hear on any other program.

Zed Games’ position as an independent voice in the gaming media means that our listeners can trust us to deliver news, reviews and opinions that are completely free from bias or commercial influence.


An informed, humorous and irreverent look at motoring and transport from Australia and overseas.

Features regular interviews with industry insiders and those well-placed for insightful comment. Each program has the following segments: News; Interview; Road Test; Quirky News.

Space Nuts

All things space — news, travels, discoveries, the mysteries and more… with world renowned and respected astronomer, Dr. Fred Watson, with broadcast journalist, Andrew Dunkley.

They are your space nuts, and have been talking all things space with each other for over 25 years — this program is their latest sojourn in the world of space.

Lost in Science

As you may expect, it’s a science program!

Your hosts, Chris Lassig, Stuart Burns, Claire Farrugia and others, are happily lost in a world of science and are excited to present to listeners a gamut of interesting and engaging information on the latest science news and issues, along with some of their own interests and areas of expertise.

Entertaining news and discussion about research that has impact on society and providing a wide range of science and technology news.


Diffusion (Science)

Diffusion takes a look at new science, hard science, pop science, historical science and weird science. The show includes news, interviews, special features and discussion on important scientific events and issues.