Jake and the Fatman

Step into the spotlight with “Jake and The Fatman” as they bring the magic of Broadway and the West End to your radio right here on 2NVR, every Thursday at noon.

From ballads to show-stopping numbers, our hosts will guide you through the greatest hits and hidden gems of musical theatre.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual listener, tune on Thursday afternoons for an enchanting journey through stories told in song.

The Bohemian Beat

The Bohemian Beat takes the listener on a journey through the minds and lives of some of the greatest men and women that have ever lived, weaving a tale through the creative inspiration that has manifested in the literature, music, visual arts, philosophy, science and sociology of the day. By revealing the events that shaped such potent expression, Riddhi discovers the truth, beauty and humanity behind these ageless words.

Meet Me at the Movies

With Maggie Morgan.

The legendary film critic Roger Ebert described movies as “… a machine that generates empathy.”

Some movies can change the way we see the world, like the 2004 movie The Day After Tomorrow, which helped increase climate change awareness.

Meet Me At The Movies isn’t just about a movie, it’s also about the narrative of the actors, directors and composers with soundtracks, weaving through their stories.

Arts Alive

Arts Alive has a national perspective, actively seeking stories from all parts of Australia and occasionally from NZ and Singapore.

The show is structured in three parts: news and current events, the guest of the week — authors, writers, actors, painters or administrators — and a review of some current film, book or play.

A Breath of Fresh Air

A light and breezy mix of music, interviews and interesting stories from the worlds of music and entertainment.

Sandy’s warm, relaxed, magazine takes listeners behind the scenes and features informal chats with our favourite musicians and moviemakers.

We meet international superstars and up and coming locals — showcasing their work, loves and lives.