Real World Gardener

Something for everyone who likes gardening, no matter where you live in Australia.

Presenter Marianne Cannon is a horticulturalist and educator presenting a new holistic approach to gardening organically.

Join the team of leading gardening industry experts in garden design, plant health, growing your own veggies and herbs, learning to cook with exotic spices, and much more.

Regular guests include Peter Nixon and Glenice Buck, Landscape Designers, Adrian O’Malley and Steve McGrane, horticulturists, Ian Hemphill from Herbies Spices, Dr Holly Parsons, of Birdlife Australia, Steve Falcioni, Manager of Eco Organic Garden, Margaret Mossakowska, Director of Moss House and Tony Mattson, General Manager of Cut Above Tools.

Earth Matters

Broadcast nationally since 1996, Earth Matters presents local, national and international grassroots perspectives on environmental concerns.

Hear a wide variety of voices and stories on nature conservation, environmental justice, mining, water, pollution and government policy. Be updated on campaigns and the movement for a more sustainable future.

The Tiki Lounge Remix

The Tiki Lounge Remix is a weekly audio venue where you can hear the latest in creative world music, contemporary jazz, digital beats and other sonic exotica, along with insightful feature interviews with artists, producers and festival organisers.

Presented by music journalist-broadcaster Seth Jordan, the program is produced in the studios of 2BBB in Bellingen NSW, and distributed nationally around Australia via the Community Radio Network (CRN).

Seth is the Pacific correspondent for Songlines magazine (UK), and also writes for Rhythms magazine (Australia). He was the Contributing Editor for the book ‘World Music: Global Sounds in Australia’ (2010 UNSW Press).

The Tiki Lounge is presented and produced by Seth Jordan and associate producer Kye Ruigrok.