The AntipodeanSF Radio Show

The AntipodeanSF Radio Show

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Hosted by: Nuke
Produced by: Nuke
Genre: Fiction
Call in: 0408 696 184

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Timezone: AEST [UTC+10]
19:00 - 19:30
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About the Show

Welcome to the AntipodeanSF Radio Show, hosted by the editor of AntipodeanSF, Ion Newcombe, aka "Nuke" or "The Jollyfish".

Ion selects the best in speculative (science fiction, fantasy, horror) flash fiction for these shows, with stories often narrated by the authors themselves.

Listen in weekly on-air.

You may also listen to the current show right here at the 2NVR website after 12 noon (local Nambucca Valley time) on the day that it goes to air.


You can also read the original stories online at AntipodeanSF.

If the story you're looking for isn't in the current magazine, you will find all previous issues archived at the National Library of Australia.


In this show: Hope is a Dangerous Thing - by Laurie Bell UFO - by Steven Fritz - narrated by David Savolaine Mercury - by Brian Biswas Our Audio License AntipodeanSF Radio Show by Ion […]
In this show: Snuggles - by Ashley Noel - narrated by Daphne Milne The Zip - by Harris Tobias - narrated by Tara Campbell Pyramid Scheme - by Louis Evans - read by Stephanie Rocío […]
In this show: 333 Years - by Susan Cornford - narrated by Emma Gill Maelstrom - by Kevin J. Phyland - narrated by Michelle Walker Name Please - by Elwood Scott Eternal Life (Almost) - […]
In this show: Golf For Beginners - by Joanna Galbraith Karen's Secret Story - by Gillian Polack The Birthday Party - by Chris Karageorge Our Audio License AntipodeanSF Radio Show by Ion Newcombe is licensed […]
In this show: Appearing at a Senate Inquiry - by Len Baglow Evan - by Ian Breen HSC (Hanser School of Certification) - by Sue Oliver Luck — A Matter of Perspective - by Brian […]
In this show: Another Day on the Frontline - by Kevin J. Phyland - narrated Sarah Jane Justice The First Artifact to Reach the End of the Universe - By Haneko Takayama - Translated by […]
In this show: The Broken City - by Michael Casey A Woman Apart - by Keech Ballard The Polishing of a Knob - by Kerri Noor Our Audio License AntipodeanSF Radio Show by Ion Newcombe […]
In this show: Heart of Lightness - by Gary Griffith State of the Art - by Carl Walmsley The Demise of Major Strom - by Timothy Dwyer Our Audio License AntipodeanSF Radio Show by Ion […]
In this show: There Will Come Warm Rains - by Simon Petrie - narrated by Ed Errington On Demand - by Kevin J. Phyland - narrated by Tim Borella Candy Town - by Amy Logan […]
Featured Stories: Wisps of White Smoke - by Natsumi Tanaka - translated by Toshiya Kamei - narrated by Geraldine Borella Space Train - by Laurie Bell Music AntipodeanSF Radio Show by Ion Newcombe is licensed […]

In this show: Flash Ships Ltd. - by Neil A. Hogan The Lunchbox - by Yen Ooi The Zaratan Queen - by Robin Hillard, narrated by Michelle Walker  
In this show: The Last Raisin - by Sarah Pratt An Unfortunate Series of Coincidences - by Tony Owens - narrated by Marg Essex Taila2 - by Geraldine Borella  
In this show: Aberrant Orbitlusa Channellings - by Sultana Raza Who Am I? - by Daniel Gao
In this show: And Then There Was One - by Tim Borella The Headphones of Damocles - by Leo X. Robertson The Perfect Child - by Girish Kamplimath
In this show: Empty Sky - by Bart Meehan, narrated by Alistair Lloyd The Commute - by M J Wilkins  
In this show: COVID Anzac - by Christine Gladstone Bottoms Up - by Harris Tobias, narrated by Mark English Point of View - by Myna Chang, narrated by Marg Essex  
In this show: Body Dysmorphia - by Daniel Purcell, narrated by Michelle Walker Implant - by Roger Ley, narrated by Alistair Lloyd An Average Ordinary Life - by Kevin J. Phyland, narrated by Mark English […]
In this show: Sneak - by Robert Caldwell, narrated by Alistair Lloyd Chase Vs Lee, or, the Green Sheep Hip Wiggle Case - by Anya Ow Time Warp Donors - by Barry Yedvobnick Hullu City […]
In this show: Beyond the Cold Light - by Kevin J Phyland, narrated by Ed Errington The Interview - by Chris Gladstone, narrated by Timothy Gwyn Barkeep - by Bethany Tatman
In this show: Corona Virus - by Daniel Mackisack The Touch of Her Hand - by D. Milne The Rorne Model - by David Scholes, narrated by Barry Yedvobnick

Ion Newcombe is the editor and publisher of AntipodeanSF, Australia’s longest running online speculative flash fiction magazine, regularly issued since January 1998. He has been a zealous reader and occasional author of SF short stories […]