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Hosted by: Nuke
Produced by: Nuke
Genre: Fiction
Call in: 02 6564 7777

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Timezone: AEST [UTC+10]
7:00 pm - 7:30 pm

About the Show

Welcome to the AntipodeanSF Radio Show, hosted by the editor of AntipodeanSF, Ion Newcombe, aka "Nuke" or "The Jollyfish".

Ion selects the best in speculative (science fiction, fantasy, horror) flash fiction for these shows, with stories often narrated by the authors themselves.

Listen in weekly on-air.

You may also listen to the current or past shows as a podcast (below)


You can also read the stories online at AntipodeanSF. If the story isn't in the current magazine, it is most likely at the AntipodeanSF Archive page at the National Library of Australia.


In this show: Single Journey - Multiple Travellers - by Ed Errington The Thief - by Kevin J. Phyland - narrated by Marg Essex
In this show: Myopia - By Malena Salazar Maciá - translated by Toshiya Kamei - narrated by Marg Essex Antitheosis - by Marcus Rockstrom Clutch - by Natalie JE Potts - narrated by Alistair Lloyd […]
In this show: Seize the Day - by R.J. Sadler - narrated by Marcus Rockstrom Morpheus Rising - by Kevin J Phyland - narrated by Mark English Jesus the Man - by Eugene Samolin - […]
In this show: Getting to No 1 - by Shaun A Saunders - narrated by Alistair Lloyd
In this show: Skinwalker Ranch - by Botond Teklesz - narrated by Laurie Bell Nothing unusual happened on the way to the office - by Colin L Howe - narrated by Alistair Llloyd The Last […]
In this show: Otherworldly Matters - by Ben F. Blitzer - narrated by Tara Campbell Second Man - by Ishmael A Soledad Shedding - by Deborah Sheldon - narrated by Mark English
In this show: A Very Special Treatment - by Daniel Veron - narrated by Tara Campbell Soulmates - by Roger Ley - narrated by Tim Borella Ghost Riders In The Sky! - by Wes Parish […]
In this show: Banjo Music - by Steven Fritz - narrated by Marcus Rockstrom Planet MXCIV - by Matthew Legge - narrated by Michelle Walker Job Search by David Scholes - narrated by Alistair Lloyd
In this show: Of Course Not - by Colin L. Howe Eye and Larynx - by Nick Lee - narrated by Marg Essex Coming of Night - by Sarah Jane Justice
In this show: Dear Friends - by Ben F. Blitzer - narrated by Tim Borella "Conversation in a Utopian Future" by Denice Penrose - narrated by Marg Essex